Ungweru donates ten (10) pumps to 70 farming families in Mchilapundu Community

Ungweru in partnership with Misean Cara donates 10 solar powered future SF2 Pumps to 70 farming families in Mbawa EPA

Living out its mission of empowering local communities by complementing their skills and resources, Ungweru organization with funding from Misean Cara donated 10 pumps to 70 farming families in Mchilapundu community in Mbawa EPA. The pumps were supplied by Modern Farming technologies who went to train farmers on the best practices to follow when using the pumps.

The farmer group was facilitated by Ungweru Organisation together with Mbawa EPA Agriculture extension staff. The farmers have agreed to grow red speckled sugar beans to be sold to a company that will offer a good price. Among the interested buyers is Milele Agro-processing a south African company which is an off taker. The 70 farmers will eventually be registered as cooperative by the end of October.

“We are really happy that the pumps are here and will help us to grow more beans during this winter cropping. This will enable our group to get more money which will enable us to sustain our families” said Village Headman Guduza Banda.

According to Alexander chisi who is the Agriculture Extension Development officer (AEDO) responsible for the area, the group is preparing to grow 4 hectares of beans which if properly managed will raise MK6,000,000.00 (6000 Euros)

Among the activities during the delivery of the pumps, farmers were linked to Modern Farming Technologies (Supplier). The pumps have a one (1) year warranty and farmers have to contact the supplier directly if there is any fault with the pumps.

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