Misean Cara Project

Misean Cara project

Ungweru Organisation Received funding from Misean Cara through St Patricks Missionary Society to implement a project called High Value crops for sustainable income, food and nutrition security in Traditional Authority Mmbelwa in Mzimba District. Ungweru is implementing the project together with Agriculture Extension officers in the Extension Planning areas (EPA)s of Mbawa, Mjinge and Manyamula. 

The project will train 210 farmers in proper agronomic practices including manure making and also provide 30 solar powered pumps to these 210 farming families. The farmers will also be organised in a cooperative so they can sell their produce with good prices. The project aims at improving agricultural production thereby improving incomes, food and nutrition security. By the end of 2024, the project will also empower the 210 families with community led total sanitation. With the challenge of migration to South africa captured in the area, the project will  raise awareness on the rights of women and children who are victims of estranged marriages.

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