Ungweru holds Agronomic Practices Training at Mbawa

Under the Misean Cara funded project called “High value crops for sustainable income, food and nutrition security” implemented in Mbawa Extension Planning Area (EPA), Ungweru held a 2-days training on agronomic practices on the 21st of January 2022 at Kaboko CCAP with 70 participating farmers. The training was facilitated by Mbawa EPA Agriculture Extension Development officer (AEDO) Mr. Chisi and Agriculture Extension Development Coordinator Mr. Dyakadyaka.

During the training, farmers learnt farming activities of land preparation, best weeding practices, manure making, pest and disease identification and management as well as crop harvesting. In addition, inter-planting and its differences on harvests were elaborated.

The farmers who participated in the training had chosen to plant beans hence the training covered a lot more on beans farming.  Participants learnt to use manure other than inorganic fertilizers which are expensive and harmful to the soil.  Additionally clearing of land 2-3 weeks before planting was encouraged as it ensures decomposition of biomass.

Furthermore, the farmers were impacted with the knowledge of pests and diseases that attack beans and their prevention measures. Participants were advised on the use of climate friendly chemicals and local methods. Use of local herbs such as mduzi and kanufu that scare away pests were recommended to the farmers.

At the end Ungweru took an advantage of the activity to thank the farmers for working hard in their fields as well as participating in the training. Farmers were also encouraged to contact the extension office on all issues they observe in their fields.

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